A lot of content is being worked on currently.

New YouTube videos, plans for Twitch streaming, "Consummation & Calamity" EP / Album, and another EP in the data stream.

News to come in April or May.

Ola Englund - Stars & Ponies released! 

Today, Ola Englund has released his new single "Stars & Ponies" from his upcoming album "Starzinger" due in 2021.  This is something I've been wanting to share for awhile, not just because he is a great rhythm and lead guitar player, and is an amazing YouTube personality.  Brandon Sills Project was brought onto this song to contribute a retro 80's vibe and sound, effectively collaborating with Mr. Englund himself.  This is the end result, and I personally hope you take a good 5 minutes and check it out if you're into synthwave and metal.

While this is a taste of what's to come from his upcoming album, I can't wait to see what else he has come up with for this new album.  If I am asked again by Ola to come back and collaborate, hands down, I will be there.

Now, go enjoy this song!

- Brandon Sills

NOV 11 2020 /// The Process Begins 

Things are coming into place.  There will be more in due time, but this is at best what I can offer right now for beginning the overhaul of the website.  Attempting to simplify while moving BSP in the direction of business.

In other news, I've heard back something that I think is going to be a very positive thing.  I can't say much.  When the time comes, you'll know here on this website, and everywhere else.

October 4th, 2020 - Update 

The website has been dormant for awhile, with a lack of updates.

At this point, things will be looked at and organized, to shift BSP into a different direction.

If any information is missing, apologies. It will return, and will be cleaner.

2 Releases, 2 Styles, 2 Dates 

March 27th, 2020 - At the End of the Earth

TBA 2020 - A Legacy Left For No One

"At the End of the Earth" was released on March 27th, 2020 as a single.  You can find it on Bandcamp or most/all streaming platforms currently.  It continues on in the line of the 80's retro vibe, and sort of "fits" a story line that bridges the idea from "At The Stroke of Midnight" and "Blood Rain" together, while building towards the next big story, if you will.

"A Legacy Left For No One" will take on the role of the rock and metal side of the project.  How many songs will be included, how long the release itself will be... all are questions that cannot be answered currently.  A goal of Spring/Summer 2020 is planned.