Brandon Sills

Founding Member

Brandon Sills is the founding frontman to the project.

Instruments / Duties:
Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Synthesizer, Drum Programming, Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering.

Prior bands and projects include:
Destination : Oblivion
Ion Storm
The Preserved
Amerakin Overdose
At The Seams

I started the Brandon Sills Project in 2011 after 13 years of experimenting under different names and whatnot.  It felt like the only way to present my ideas and art in a conducive method was to operate as a solo artist in the very beginning, and it did work for awhile.  As we near the beginning of 2020, I feel confident in the people I have brought in the last several years to perform with me, but also be able to utilize the liberties given to them to further enhance or creatively change what we have going, tastefully and responsibly.

My mission with B.S.P. is quite simple: create new music alone and with those I have brought in, push personal envelopes through experimentation, and connect with the world at large in any given manner possible, including touring at some point when everything aligns.

My musical definition of this project is that it is a large palette of hues, shades and values.  I view it as an art form that takes inspiration and influence from many genres both familiar and unfamiliar, and somehow always keeps metal involved somewhere.

My hopes are that you enjoy what comes about from all of this.