B.S.P. : Retrowave

As a solo musician, The Brandon Sills Project is a multi-genre process and experiment.
The content below are Retrowave releases under the B.S.P. name.

At the End of the Earth

Brandon Sills Project

Musically, the song sort of felt like an interpretation of watching everything at this time in our existence, but done in a completely synthesized format. With eyes closed, it feels like watching the planet itself lose it's color slowly, and with it, all it's living inhabitants fading away with time. Cosmic apocalypse, viral outbreak... everything at once unfolding and taking with it our very existence in the blink of an eye.
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Blood Rain

Brandon Sills Project

With a new platform for programming and recording music in, this was one of the first projects developed inside it. After more than a month of testing it out and developing the basic version of this, I came back to it and threw a few updates to what was being used for synthesis in order to capture the retro vibe a little more than my prior synth effort.

This became the result.
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  1. Blood Rain

At The Stroke of Midnight

Brandon Sills Project

This EP was a process in learning the sounds, the style, and the overall genre that encompassed what the new generation of 80's nostalgia represented and in some ways, represented a part of what it had to say.

"Replicant" was an experiment from around the end of 2016 that was sort of the seed that planted itself in understanding the sounds, but not the style. It would however give birth to this EP after a long time of sitting on the idea.

The process of reigning in the EP took between March and April 2018. While making connections with people through viewership on Twitch, with eventual streaming of this process, people were in fact pushing to hear more of this from me. As they tuned in and listened to the sound and the vibe, they pushed me to want to do more with a planted seed.

It is just sprouting now. This is the result: capturing an idea of that era. That sound, that style. And getting to put a twist of my own to it, without straying too far from the source.

I feel like I have captured a good amount of "it" but am far from the greatest potential of mastering this kind of craft. This is just the start of that journey, which is why in many ways, this is a kind of darker approach.
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